About us

Building everything from furniture to airplanes

Since 2018, KICAS Engineering (pronounced KickAss) has been working with clients on a variety of innovative engineering projects. Our main focus is to serve clients who need custom engineering and or fabrication. We have years of experience thinking outside the box and building specialty products.


What We Do

We design and fabricate products using a wide range of materials to meet customers unique needs


From live edge custom pieces to furniture, we can build what you need


Steel is strong and lasts a lifetime. Shown here is a 4130 chromoly steel engine mount for a small airplane


Custom aluminum fabrication is key when you need something lightweight. This is a custom enclosure for a lithium battery used in an electric airplane


Custom concrete can take all kinds of shapes. Here is a custom fire table we built

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is clean and wont rust. Perfect for outdoor or wet enviroments

Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber is extremely strong and lightweight making it an excellent building material


With a strong background in drones and aviation, we can deliver custom drones for specialty applications


We do all things aviation - engines, mounts, assembly, paramotors, design and more

Wiring / Electrical

Custom electrical and wiring solutions give your product a clean and professional look


Our Partners

Past and Ongoing Clients


United States Marine Corps

Ideal Blasting

Ideal Blasting


Ready Made RC


Aeromarine LSA

Aviator PPG

Aviator PPG

Elmwood Custom Goods

Elmwood Custom Goods


Expedition Overland


New Albany Investment


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