Moster 185 EFI

Electronic Fuel Injection

What is EFI and why is it better?

EFI stands for Electronic Fuel Injection. An EFI system replaces a carburetor on a gasoline engine. Both a carburetor and an EFI system do essentially the same basic job: provide the engine with the correct amount of fuel to run properly. 


A carburetor uses small needle valves, membranes and diaphragms to determine how much fuel it should deliver to the engine. This is the "old" way of doing things. It works, but since carburetors are mechanical devices with no "brain" they cannot adapt to changing temperatures, altitudes, or other changes in your environment very effectively. This can lead to poor performance, problems starting, and excessive fuel burn.

An EFI system uses a host of sensors like a barometer, ambient air temperature, engine temperature  and others, combined with a computer to determine the precise amount of fuel needed to run the engine at optimum power and efficiency levels. This technology is now standard on all automobiles, motorcycles, jet-skis, golf carts, boats, and almost everything with an engine! This is because it works SO much better! 

What benefits does EFI have for Paramotors?

The main benefits of EFI are:

  • Ease of starting - No more priming! With EFI your paramotor will always start quickly and reliably, regardless of temperature, altitude, or humidity! Just like starting your car - no fiddling with it, just get in and go.

  • Smoothness of throttle response - Carbureted 2 stroke motors do not have a very smooth throttle curve. There is usually a jump in RPM somewhere in the mid range where you can move the throttle just a tiny bit, but it will jump 1500-2000 RPM. On the Moster 185, this jump usually happens between 5000 - 7000 RPM, which is unfortunately right around the cruising RPM for many people. This jump is almost completely eliminated with EFI. This is a huge benefit because you can comfortably cruise at one steady RPM instead of the RPM always jumping up and down when you want to fly straight and level

  • Reduced vibration - an EFI system will always deliver the perfect amount of fuel to the engine, regardless of RPM. Carburetors are less precise, so they will frequently either be running rich (too much fuel) or lean (not enough fuel). When an engine is running too rich, it will shake more. This puts more stress on both your back and on the engine mounts!

  • Increased fuel economy - Since the EFI system can more precisely deliver exact amounts of fuel, it significantly improves fuel economy. In most cases, about 25-30% fuel savings should be expected, but some customers are seeing significantly more than that!

Where can I get an EFI system?

These kits are available through Ryan at Texas PPG. You can contact him here:

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